The Impact of Acne

The Impact of Acne

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As if acne isn’t painful enough, if left untreated it can also increase your risk of developing scars. It’s especially tough because even though people can see your acne, they may not realize the effects it may have on your day-to-day activities.

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The scars you can see

Here’s something for you to think about: Inflammation, which is associated with some types of acne, can lead to scarring. Some studies say that as many as 95% of people with acne can develop scarring from acne. Because it is due to the inflammatory aspect of acne, scarring can happen even if you don’t scratch or pick at your acne. Dermatologists categorize scarring into 3 different types—rolling, boxcar, and the most prominent, ice pick. All of which you probably want to avoid by discussing timely, effective treatment with your dermatologist.

Rolling scars
Rolling Scars
Boxcar scars
Boxcar Scars
Ice pick scars
Ice Pick Scars

The scars you can't see

Acne can affect more than just your appearance. Studies have shown that acne could have a profoundly negative impact on many different aspects of your well-being. It may cause you to miss out on important moments in your life. Maybe you’ll skip the prom. Or perhaps you won’t try out for that team. Or maybe you’ll just bail on movie night with your friends. Truth be told, many people who have acne avoid social situations altogether.

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If you’re concerned about your acne and the effects it may have on you and your skin, take the acne-assessment quiz. It may be able to help you determine if it’s time to talk to your dermatologist and take on your acne.


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